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And so it begins . . .

A Healthy Knee - Sketchbook

A Healthy Knee: Intense Pencils and Sharpie

Summer seems like as good a time as any to start the blog I’ve been itching to write for at least the last five years. Students, most of them anyway, are away for the summer months, and it’s a little early to begin the preparations in earnest for fall classes. And, perhaps most importantly, I’m recovering from total knee replacement surgery, and learning to master the Word Press site gives me something other than my flexibility to test my patience.

Here I hope to write about my art practice and my teaching practice, both of which focus on my passion for social justice issues.

I am an interdisciplinary artist and writer. I’ll be posting an occasional blog about my art practice and my passions, images of works-in-progress and new works, photos of my messy and productive workspaces, and sometimes a picture of my beloved dog, Lola! Take a tour of the site and send me a comment.