“Woman Dancing” 9″x12″ mixed media, from the Fragments series. [Sold]

Some of my visual art has taken on an experimental, conceptual quality. My materials include scraps from my personal and family history, mixed with the junk mail circulars and other throwaways that flood my world. These discards hold the traces of my memory, but the artworks are more than personal narratives. They symbolize the injustices against “disposable” people. 

The Process

These mash-ups begin with a light wash of watercolor or an acrylic monotype, which I set aside until just the right found objects appear. Then I create new papers out of junk mail. The painted and scrunched advertising circulars become multicolored, textured papers. I hang them to dry and let them imprint on my consciousness while I gather and consider other scraps for assembling. Later – often much later – I sew fragments of those wrinkled and torn papers onto snippets of fabric and arrange them onto monotypes or watercolors.

I manipulate the amoeba-like pieces that shape-shift into whatever my imagination conjures at the moment. The stitches become lines on the drawing plane. Each piece of art is a palimpsest; layers of meaning are coded there. The shards of my mother’s perfume bottles, the lace and threads from her sewing box, remnants of fabric I remember as curtains or a baby dress mix it up with the detritus of my everyday life. Move your cursor over each photo for a description of the process.

The Process

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